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Saturday, 01 November 2008 16:45

Delegation of the Slovak Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (SIOK) consisting of Mr. Milan Compel - President, Mr. Tomas Ziak – Vice President and Ms. Zuzana Suskova – Executive Secretary visited Indonesia from 18th till 25th October 2008 for 23rd Trade Expo 2008 Exhibition and hold official meetings. The purpose of the meetings was to inform representatives of Indonesian government, semi-government and private entities that there is a new challenge and attempt to promote Slovak Indonesian relations in general and Slovak Indonesian Economic ties in particular.  That, based on long time relations between founders of SIOK with Indonesians, but mainly with Indonesian diplomats in Slovakia, have decided to form Slovak Indonesian Chamber of Commerce as non-profit organization which should gather those merchants, traders, businessmen and prominent representatives from business community of both countries which are ready to support increase and intensification of Slovak - Indonesian economic ties, and people which would like to see these ties rehabilitated to the level of 2 – 3 decades ago.


Mr. Compel briefly introduced goals, purpose, structure of SIOK and significance of its location in Bratislava, in the middle of 4 Central European capitals (Vienna - south, Prague - west, Budapest - east and Warsaw-north), with intensive international transport connecting “European Union’s Open Space” with East Europe, Baltic states, Ukraine and Russia, gives SIOK regional influence and importance. As it was also mentioned at the meetings of SIOK, in long time run, should be a very representative and exclusive office covering wide range of activities including culture, education, library, restaurant etc., to give a strong feeling of the power of this institution. To fulfill this target, SIOK plans to organize 2 – 3 potential business missions to visit Indonesia in 2009 which ought to be formed from selected professional fields such as agricultural, machinery, furniture, automotive, energy, oil and gas, finance and banking, general trade, medicine, cosmetic, textile, security etc. and expects significant support as from Slovak as Indonesian involved entities.
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